One-Time Cleaning

Here, we offer a complete solution to tackle accumulated and hard-to-reach dirt, in a thorough one-time cleaning session.

What is Sparklean's One-Time Cleaning?

Our One-Time Cleaning service is perfect for customers needing a deep and comprehensive clean for their home or office. It's the ideal choice for those moments when dirt has built up and reached tricky spots, requiring a detailed approach to restore cleanliness and freshness to the environment.

Duration and Flexibility

Our One-Time Cleaning typically starts with a minimum of 4 hours dedicated to the task. However, we're fully prepared to extend the time and effort as needed, ensuring every nook and surface is thoroughly cleaned and revitalized.
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What's Included

In Sparklean's One-Time Cleaning?

Our specialized team will conduct a detailed clean of every space, removing accumulated dust, dirt, and debris, and tackling hard-to-reach areas such as behind furniture and on top of cabinets.
Key focus areas
■ Internal stove/oven cleaning.
■ Baseboard cleaning.
■ Fan or air filter cleaning.
■ Stubborn grease removal.
■ Deep-seated dirt.
■ Window and frame cleaning.
■ Dust and cobweb removal from corners and ceilings.
■ Light switch and doorknob cleaning.
■ Disinfection of high-touch areas.
■ Inside-outside cabinet cleaning.
■ Light fixture and chandelier cleaning.
■ Upholstery vacuuming and deep cleaning.
■ Curtain and blind cleaning.
■ Deodorization and odor elimination.
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